Thursday, December 3, 2009

Store-bought Cinnamon Rolls

I heart cinnamon rolls.

Nothing warms my heart or expands my belly like a giant gooey Cinnabon.

I have made different homemade cinnamon rolls in the past and this Thanksgiving I had wanted to make some for breakfast. However, I knew with all the other food I'd be cooking (since I was hosting this year) and with my mommy waking me up at 5am to go shopping that day I wasn't going to have the time or really feel to up for the task.

So I bought these. Rhodes GIANT cinnamon rolls. NOT the ANYTIME ones. I let them rise overnight and after shopping in the morning we baked these beauties. They were good. And even better after that sat for awhile and were reheated later - my favorite. Let's just say these were gigantic and didn't last very long in our house - I definitely gobbled down more than my fair share - that's for sure!

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