Friday, November 19, 2010

oven fries

I found this recipe at a friend's blog I Like Food and So Do You. My numero uno favorite food is potatoes - especially fries. However we all know french fries usually aren't the best thing for us - unless they're homemade. I orginally tried this recipe just as it is here. Then I experimented making it even healthier - and they still turned out perfectly! My changes are in italics.

1 potato (usually 8-10 fries) - 2 WW points

Oven Fries


3 russet potatoes (8 oz each), peeled, each potato cut lengthwise into 10-12 evenly sized wedges
5 tablespoons vegetable or peanut oil (don’t substitute olive oil)
(all I used was non-stick spray - NO OIL)
Salt and ground black pepper

Adjust oven rack to lowest position and heat to 475. Place potatoes in large bowl and cover with hot tap water; soak 10 minutes. (Don't be tempted to skip soaking, as this is what will give you the crisp crust and soft innards.) Meanwhile, coat 18 x 12 heavy-duty baking sheet with 4 T oil (or just spray it with non-stick spray) and sprinkle evening with ¾ t. salt and ¼ t. pepper.

Drain potatoes and thoroughly pat dry with paper towels. Toss potatoes in dry bowl with 1 T oil (or just the non-stick spray). Arrange potatoes in single layer on baking sheet, cover tightly with foil (I just use a cookie sheet) and bake 5 minutes.

Remove foil and continue to bake until bottoms of potatoes are spotty golden brown (15-20 min), rotating the pan in the oven after 10 minutes. Using metal spatula and tongs, flip potatoes to other side, keeping in single layer. Continue baking another 5-15 minutes until fries are golden and crisp, rotating pan as needed for even browning.


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