Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brownies - Black Bean

My weight watcher leader has mentioned these brownies several times and I finally decided to give it a try - guess what? They were actually pretty good.

I even gave them to others before telling them what they were made of - and they like them too :)

1/16th of a pan of brownies = 2 WW points
(I didn't calculate them myself - I'm just taking the word from my WW leader)

Are they the absolute best brownie I've ever had? No - but they're pretty darn good for being somewhat healthy and really low in points. I will definitely go about making them again!

- 1 brownie mix (I used Ghiradelli with chips - I'm not sure if another would taste as good - but mine may have been more points - not sure)
- 1 can of black beans (rinsed and drained really well)
- 1 cup of water

1. Rinse and drain beans.
2. Blend beans with 1 cup of water.
3. Add the brownie mix.
4. Cook normally.


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