Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caramel/Chocolate Pretzel Rods

One of my good friends showed me how to make these caramel pretzels and my family and anyone else who has tried them has been in love ever since! They are super easy, super cute, and super yummy!!! They even make cute pretzel bags (found at Michael's or JoAnn's) to wrap them in :)

I think these are around 4 points per pretzel rod.

- 1/2 lb of caramel (I bought mine at a local cake store. You just tell them how much and they cut off a huge chunk for you.)
- Long pretzel rods (sometimes I break them in 1/2 to make smaller ones.)
- 1 lb melted chocolate (my family prefers white for these)
- Sprinkles or melted chocolate to drizzle on top for decoration

1. Take a small section of caramel and roll it between your hands to make a long snake (like you used to do with play dough)
2. Wrap it around the pretzels.
3. Take a spoon and drizzle the chocolate over the pretzel until it is covered (i do this over the saucepan that the chocolate is in)
4. Lay on wax paper.
5. Drizzle chocolate or pour on some sprinkles for decoration.
6. Let harden in fridge.



  1. I LOVE these!!! They always look so good when you make them.